Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The “84-year-old woman claims massive Powerball jackpot” Headline Made me Think About Money

           I’ve got to talk about money. That’s what I thought when I read this article in the US News Report (6/5/13). But I don’t want to. After all, who am I to comment about money and spin off this article about an unlikely windfall for one senior woman in Florida; and talk about an issue that causes so much discomfort for so many people?

Don't bring it up unless you can do it justice.

           One of the stumbling blocks I encounter is thinking that everything I write has to be perfect and that if I don’t express it correctly I will have squandered an opportunity to comment on something important. Has that ever happened to you? Have you delayed speaking up about something important because of nameless fears?

           Money is such a taboo topic. While I can be pretty open talking about it with my close friends, I remember infuriating my first husband who came from a strict German background and never would permit even a casual conversation of what something cost amongst friends.

Can we afford NOT to talk about it?

           Money has a huge impact on senior citizens and on people considering retirement. What is the right formula in order for you to have sufficient funds to retire? Will there be enough to have an enjoyable life? Do we keep this topic to ourselves or do we share our ideas and information with others in order to make better decisions?

           I’m thrilled for Gloria MacKenzie, the elderly woman in Florida who, before taxes, has won the nearly $371-million. She waited two weeks to come forth with her winning ticket and didn’t share her exciting news with any of her neighbors, preferring instead to remain as far out of the limelight as possible. She did say, “I’m grateful for this blessing of winning.” Perhaps another reason this headline caught my eye was because I had just bought my Fantasy 5 ticket. I’m sure it’s a winner!


           My experience is its okay to talk about money if it’s to complain that there isn’t enough. It seems like people with money (how ever much that is) feel as though they are supposed to be coy and evasive and pretend like they’re just like all those other people who struggle from day to day to make their lives work with limited resources. But that’s just what I’ve experienced.

What about you?

          Are you comfortable talking about money? If you are okay discussing it, perhaps you will consider finishing this blog post for me….

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  1. Yeah , I love to talk about money…..Ever heard the saying "Cold hard cash"? Why do people say that? Cash is soft and warm and a necessity in life. Why do people resent those who have it? People have more money than others is because of the choices they have made in life. Granted there are some people who have misfortunes in life that are uncontrollable but for the most part YOU have control of how much money you have to spend and what is in the bank.

    1. I agree with you about the various degrees to which people bring into or create money in their lives. Do you agree that the message about how much is enough is confusing and, when presented early in life in an unclear manner, can develop into a lifetime of want?
      I appreciate your interest and input, Marie.


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