Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Power of You - Dr. Chris Michaels writes

      It is my pleasure to share an excerpt from Dr. Chris Michaels' exciting and inspiring new book The Power of You.  I picked this passage right out of the middle and there's a lot of juicy and insightful good stuff leading up to it, so check it out. ~ Antonia

          “Resentment is like a twelve-foot-high, electrified barbed-wire fence you put around yourself. You built it for good reasons. You’ve been hurt, abused or treated poorly, so you want to guard yourself. You’ve been a victim of some great injustice. There are many good reasons for you to be angry or to feel resentment. So to prevent your history from repeating itself, you build a fence. Next time, if anyone tries to hurt you they’ll get zapped, electrocuted and burned.
          There are a couple of problems with this strategy, however. First of all, because the fence is so high, no one can climb over it. You are trapped behind it. And in time, that becomes a very lonely place to be. Second, every good thing you dream of having in your life is on the other side of that fence...  The solution to your problems, the healing of your body is there, just on the other wide of the fence. But none of it can get to you.
          Here’s the ironic truth:  The resentments you hold in your mind for others do nothing to hurt them. They block the flow of good into your life. They keep good things from you and good people from entering your life. They prevent new opportunities from coming your way. Nothing good can get to you until you tear down the fence.”

Thank you, Dr. Michaels for your astute and reassuring words. Your book is filled with common sense wisdom.  ~ Antonia

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Smoking Again? Yikes!!

          I thought I gave up smoking years ago when, in addition to the obvious health risks, if you continued to smoke, you were a pariah, a social outcast. It turns out I may have started smoking again and didn't even know it.

          Both CBS News and the Journal of Physical Activity and Health  have recently likened sitting to be the new smoking. The Journal study found that for those 60 and older, every additional hour a day spent sitting or being sedentary has been linked to a doubling of the risk disability, regardless of the amount of moderate exercise a person gets. The description of disability in this study included limitations on everyday tasks like dressing, eating, bathing and walking across a room.

          Looks like in spite of moderate regular exercise like walking daily, if you sit a lot you are at higher risk for obesity, diabetes and, no surprise, heart disease. It makes sense that if you sit at a computer or in front of the TV, circulation slows and fewer muscles get used, both of which contribute to overall poor health.

          I know for myself, as a retiree and a writer, I spend lots of time just sitting. I do exercise regularly but now I'm hearing that that's not enough to counteract the ill effects of smoking ... I mean sitting.

What to do?

          There's lots you can do, and it's relatively easy. If you don't exercise regularly (at least moderate walking 3-5 times a week), begin there. Aim for 30 minutes three times a week, even if it's in 10-minute segments three times a day.  If you do exercise but are also sitting a lot too, be sure to get up and move around every 15-20 minutes. If it's in front of the TV, get up during commercials and if it's at the computer, like it is for me, stretch for 30 seconds at regular intervals.

          Most people my age have smoked at some point during their lives. And it wasn't easy for us to finally kick the nasty habit. Don't let sitting get you down or keep you down. Don't let it impair the quality of your leisure years the way smoking was sure to do so. Add a few more seconds of movement to your routine. Live longer!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What are Your Intentions?

 “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”
, Moral Essays, Volume III: de Beneficiis

          Everything you do starts with intention. Without intention you’re just along for the ride, like a leaf floating on a puff of wind.  With intention you are able to create anything you want. Intention is one of the cornerstones of your most powerful self.

Clear away the fog

       Have you ever started out on one path to accomplish something and then felt somewhere along the line you got off track? For me, it's not "if" but "how often." Things became muddled and unclear or overwhelming? Looking at your intentions can clear away any fog and confusion. A lot of the time I have to literally write down my intention and post it on the bulletin board above my desk. It becomes the hub in the wagon wheel of my activities and thoughts. (groan!!!)  Did I actually just use that dorky analogy????

          Having a clear intention will keep us on track toward our end result. Let’s say we want a new car. We save money with the intention of having a safer and more reliable vehicle to transport our family about town. When we get to the dealer, however, that spiffy two-seater sports car beckons us like a piece of chocolate cake. The salesperson steers us toward the more expensive and less practical. If we’re not clear on our intention we drive out with a vehicle that doesn’t meet our needs. It’s fun but not what we set out to get.
We want things

We all want things; we want those things our way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting things, be they material possessions or emotional tranquility. The reason behind our wanting is more the issue. Do we want to spend thousands on improving our appearance to feel better about ourselves or to compete with a younger crowd? Staying focused on intentions can save lots of money.
          Ideally, once an intention surfaces, it’s good to evaluate all the thoughts and activities that will bring it to fruition. It’s not a test. If your eyes aren’t glued to your purpose all the time, in every situation, life will not cease to exist.  My purpose here is only to remind us all of what we know to be true.

          For me, having a clear intention brings a brightness and clarity that is always valued over uncertainly and confusion.

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