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Here is what readers of Antonia's Senior Moments are saying:

          In this age of tweets, blogs, and posts… it is possible to develop a presence on the web which doesn’t tell anyone who you really are. That is not the case with Antonia’s Senior Moments. When I read Antonia’s blog, I hear her voice coming through loud and clear and it feels like we are sitting in her living room or mine, discussing the topic at hand. I can hear her humor, her desire to grow, and her fear, at times, coming through the page. That takes guts.

Antonia has mastered the ability to write about the things that work or don’t work in her life without ever telling us what we should do or think or believe.  I feel like I am in the presence of a gentle friend when I’m reading her work and I love that about her blog.

Happy anniversary Antonia’s Senior Moments. Who knew I would come to love Tuesdays?

~ K. O.

          I enjoy reading the weekly posts at Antonia’s Senior Moments because Antonia covers a wide variety of subjects of interest to me. These subjects include funny things, serious news, controversial subjects and spiritual topics. Her sense of humor is laced through much of her approach to many senior citizen issues and I feel her down to earth approach to creating a happier life, regardless of your age. Reading Antonia’s Senior Moments is a small break in my week that uplifts me and brightens my day, even if the subject is somber. Thanks and keep your posts coming!

~ S. F.

           Gosh, I didn't know this was only a year old!  And so accomplished!  As you know, I'm a fan.  I've been consistently surprised and pleased by your personal as well as "borrowed" insights.  There really IS nothing new under the sun; HOWEVER, we seem to have a knack for forgetting the simplest and therefore most immediate and important things.  Your Blog brings those to mind.  For that alone, it does a great Service.  I think of your Blogs as a "fun" present, to unwrap and "see what it is THIS time."  Happy Anniversary!

~ C. S.

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